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A Student Owned & Operated Order Service Company

We would like to introduce to you an idea in which you can send a piece of home to your Wildcat while they are attending Abilene Christian University.  This service will allow you to express your love and well-wishes during all of the important times while they are in school.

Sweet Remembrance ACU.png

A college education is going to be very important in your Wildcat's life. We have created a service designed especially for you to help make this experience for your Wildcat a fun, exciting, and memorable one. The business is "Sweet Remembrance", and it is a one-of-a-kind ACU Wildcat Student run and operated in Abilene, Texas. This business is a order service for anyone wishing to put a "Smile" on the face of their Wildcat while at Abilene Christian University.

A good part of this business is based on our own personal experiences as students of ACU. As students away from home, we encountered the same emotions of missing the love we received at home. We began to network with students and parents sharing ideas. This led us to develop what we feel is a unique business, and hope you feel the same way.

All of the items advertised are top quality, and the baked goods are ALMOST as good as MOM'S!!! Each order is chosen, wrapped and delivered by fellow ACU Students. Our mission is to bring a slice of love and warmth to your Wildcat!

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